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Woldingham Turkeys

Feather Farm strives to produce the finest free ranging turkeys available. The birds are reared in the rolling hills of Woldingham (Surrey) and are free to roam the hillside during the day but safely tucked up at night.

Only 150 birds are reared in the year to ensure the best possible conditions are maintained. The birds are reared using traditional methods and are not given any of the Steroids, Antibiotics or special growth feeds commonly used in the poultry industry. Our birds thrive as nature intended by having to work for their food foraging in the fields throughout the day and only get fed natural feeds once in the shelter at night before they roost.

As a result of this very traditional method of rearing, the birds are slower growing but we believe substantially better tasting. We only rear Heritage Bronze turkeys and these are widely regarded to be the finest eating birds.

We pride ourselves on being totally self sufficient on the farm - all water is harvested from rain water and the electric supply is provided from solar panels (we couldn’t get any greener if we tried!).

We very much hope that you will support our traditional farming methods and order a Feather Farm Turkey today.!

We only sell our finished Turkeys from the farm gate but will deliver for free locally. To reserve a bird, just simply send an email or call the number above, stating the approximate size/weight you would like and your address for deliver.

Hopefully you will enjoy them as much as we have enjoyed rearing them!

To reserve your turkey please email ( or call 01883 370377 / 07522 868156.